About Us

Our Mission

Gametime Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company, specializing in sports technology products. We are committed to creating a fun sporting experience by developing products using creative minds and the latest in sports technology.

Our Story

Like so many people across the world, we grew up playing sports. Competing with our friends, learning to work as a team, dreaming about a Game 7 buzzer-beater.

Living in this technologically-advanced age, Gametime Technologies Inc. is a group of sports-loving entrepreneurs, excited to develop innovative, top-quality products that enhance any sporting environment.

While we think the video games out today are amazing, we also think it’s important for everyone to disconnect from online and create their own “GAMETIME” sports highlights.

It is in this spirit that we’ve created the Gametime Scoreboard. Combining the practicality of a traditional scoreboard with the enthusiasm of music and thrilling sound effects in a sleek design.

The Gametime Scoreboard is a synergy of entertainment and athleticism.

Use the companion app to control the score, stream your music, trash talk through the microphone, record your own customized sound effects and much more. The Gametime Scoreboard is a must for home sports, gym, leagues or any school activities.

We are excited to come to market with this innovative and revolutionary product and we hope you’ll like it!

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Bring the Stadium Home and your game will never be the same!

-Team Gametime